Walther PDP 9mm 18rd Magazine (2856891)

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This is the factory full-size Walther PDP magazine that  holds up to 18 rounds of 9mm ammunition. With its steel construction, polymer base plate, and finger rest, this excellent magazine is made to Walther’s specifications and tolerances using high quality materials that provide perfect fit, durability and reliability.

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Walther PDP 9mm 18rd Magazine (2856891)Walther PDP 9mm 18rd Mag (2856891)

In summary, an outstanding complement to a high-quality PDP is an original Walther PDP full size 9mm 18rd Mag (2856891) that provides exceptional fit and reliable feeding.

Overall, the Walther PDP Pistol with a  4.5” barrel and polygonal rifling is very shootable and accurate because it accepts various red-dot optic mounts. Above all, the PDP is a very comfortable pistol to shoot for longer periods of time.

Consequently, the PDP appears to be an great addition to the market that will allow Walther to compete strongly against the established leaders. In summary, the standout features are a best-in-class trigger, excellent controls and exceptional accuracy.

Walther PDP Full Size 9mm 18rd Mag (2856891) Features

    • UPC: 723364220333
    • Magazine Model #: 2856891
    • Manufacturer: Walther Arms
    • Pistol Model: PDP
    • Caliber: 9mm
    • Rounds: 18
    • Magazine Body: Stainless steel
    • Floorplate: Polymer

Walther Has a Long History of Making Iconic Pistols

Overall, after being founded by Carl Walther in 1886, the company has made iconic firearms in Germany for over 100 years. Consequently, Walther has made the PDP Pistol as a polymer-framed, striker-fired pistol. In summary, the  trigger is one of the best you’ll find on any striker-fired pistol.

Above all, Walther is known for ergonomics and excellent triggers. You will find this in the PDP, a natural evolution of the excellent PPQ pistol.

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