Springfield Armory 1911-A1 Mil-Spec Stainless .45 ACP Pistol

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The Springfield Armory 1911-A1 Mil-Spec Stainless .45 ACP Semi-Auto Pistol is inspired by the original G.I. 1911, which has served for more than a century with members of the U.S. military.

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Springfield Armory 1911-A1 Mil-SpecBest Budget 1911 .45 ACP Pistol!

Inspired by the original G.I. 1911, which has served for more than a century with members of the U.S. military. The Springfield Armory Mil-Spec gives you a modern take on a true classic. From its spur hammer to its arched mainspring housing to its three-dot sights and lowered/flared ejection port, the Mil-Spec combines best of the old and the new.

Traditionally styled and built on a full-size frame the Mil-Spec features a 5″ match grade barrel and rear slant serrations on the slide. The mainspring housing is the original arched style found on G.I.-issue 1911-A1s, giving you a classic look with modern upgrades for improved performance and reliability.

For those who demand a quality, authentic 1911 the Mil-Spec offers exceptional value and an undeniable pedigree.

This is a California-Complaint Pistol!

This 1911 Mil-Spec Stainless .45 ACP pistol meets the requirements of the California DOJ for sale in the Golden State. Featuring timeless G.I. good looks with modern improvements like a lowered and flared ejection port and enhanced three-dot sights, this timelessly effective defensive handgun combines Old World craftsmanship with Information Age materials science.

A traditional G.I.-style recoil system is proven reliable, while slanted serrations on the rear of the slide add some flair.

Springfield Armory 1911-A1 Mil-Spec Stainless .45 ACP Semi-Auto Pistol Details

UPC: 706397913137
Model #: PB9151LCA
Serial Number: NM809634
Manufacturer: Springfield Armory
Pistol Model: 1911-A1 Mil-Spec Stainless .45 ACP
Action: Single action
Caliber: .45 ACP
Capacity: 7
Barrel Length: 5”
Slide Finish:  Forged stainless steel
Frame: Forged stainless steel
Sights: Combat 3 dot
Weight: 39 oz
Safeties: Manual thumb safety, grip safety
Magazines: Two 7rd magazines
Other Accessories: Double-zipper case, lock, manual, paperwork.

Springfield Armory 1911-A1 Mil-Spec Stainless .45 ACP Semi-Auto Pistol Features

    • California compliant
    • Stainless steel frame and slide
    • Match grade barrel
    • Crossed cannon cocobolo wooden grips featuring the Springfield Armory logo
    • Easily accessible manual safety
    • Grip safety
    • A double-zipper case with a soft-sided shell includes an interior pouch that can hold an additional magazine

Springfield Armory: Historical Tradition

Built on a foundation of tradition, Springfield Armory’s cutting-edge 1911 family stands ready to deliver. in 1974, a passionate family by the name of Reese rescued not only the name “Springfield Armory,” but the philosophy that drove it for centuries. With reverence for the legacy of The Armory, the Reese family resurrected the most historically significant designs produced by The Armory – M1 Garand, 1911-A1, M14.

Fueled by the same obsession for improved manufacturing techniques and cutting edge design that inspired the likes of John C. Garand, and John Browning, they have continued to develop products that are loyal to Springfield Armory’s heritage while ensuring The Armory’s place in the progression of American firearms.

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